Forum on the revival of the cocoa-coffee sector


As part of implementing the policy to support growth sectors converging towards the Port of Kribi, the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) organises a meeting with the major stakeholders of the cocoa and coffee sector on 29 and 30 November 2018 in Kribi at Hotel La Marée under the chairmanship of the Senior Divisional Officer of the Ocean Division.

The meeting aims at tackling the following:

  • Valorising the potential of the cocoa and coffee sector as per the size of the market, the volumes depending on product segmentation (cocoa beans, powder and butter);
  • Identifying and sensitizing all the stakeholders of the cocoa value chain starting from production up to processing, namely:
    • Cocoa bean farmers;
    • Warehouses supplying and selling cocoa beans (bean selection, cleaning and trading);
    • Factories processing cocoa beans (bean roasting, grinding and manufacture of intermediate cocoa products, that is cocoa powder and butter).
  • Determining the potential, market size and volume of the coffee sector;
  • Collecting the concerns of the various stakeholders of the cocoa and coffee sector concerning port passage in general;
  • Analysing hurdles causing bottlenecks on the port logistics chain in general;
  • Providing solutions to optimize the logistics chain of the cocoa and coffee sector in the Port of Kribi and highlight the services offered by PAK and its agents;
  • Collecting elements to adopt a system for the passage of goods in the cocoa and coffee sector, namely:
    • Characteristics sheets for transport and handling;
    • Needs in logistics offices and facilities;
    • The volume that can be captured and seasonality parameters;
    • Temporary storage areas;
    • Physical export procedures;
    • Human resources needs;
  • Popularising the procedure for the passage of goods in general for the Port of Kribi in collaboration all other customs and administrative players with an emphasis on the cocoa and coffee sector.

The following organizations will actively contribute and take part in the forum:

  • The Port Authority of Kribi (PAK)
  • The National Cocoa and Coffee Board (ONCC)
  • The Cocoa Development Corporation (SODECAO)
  • The South II Customs Sector
  • The One-Stop Shop (GUCE)
  • The Group of Cocoa and Coffee Exporters (GEX)
  • Kribi Conteneurs Terminal (KCT)
  • Kribi Port Multiple Operators (KMPO)
  • Atlantic Cocoa Corporation (ACC)
  • The Cocoa and Coffee Interprofessional Board (CICC)
  • The Cameroon National Shippers Board (CNCC)
  • Bureau Veritas.