Popularization of the procedures for the passage of goods at the Port of Kribi

The Port Authority of Kribi, in association with the General Directorate of Cameroon Customs, organized in Kribi (Hotel La Marée), on February 15 and 16, 2018, a seminar on the theme: “Popularization of procedures for the passage of goods at the port of Kribi »

This seminar, under the patronage of the Minister of Transport, aimed to review the state of readiness of all stakeholders in the process of passing goods and to put at the same level of information and the various Public and Private Actors involved in order to launch the operational activities of the Port of Kribi.

Opening of this seminar,the following report was circulated to explain the framework for holding the seminar and the objectives that were set.

Then, were held presentations by the major actors who will intervene in the logistics chain of passage of goods at the Port of Kribi. You can find, through these links below, the various presentations made during the seminar :

By the way, you can also get, through the links below :

If you need more informations, you can contact Mr EDONGUE James (+237 655 181 682 / james.edongue@pak.cm)