Board of Directors

Chair of the Board: SIMO NJONOU Jean Paul

Directorate General

Managing Director: MELOM Patrice
Deputy Manging Director: BAKO Harouna

Bodies attached to the Directorate General

Technical Advisor No.1: MONEFONG MONEFONG Joël Daniel
Technical Advisor No.2: SAADOU MOHAMADOU
Executive Assistant to the Managing Director: MVOGO Henri Felix
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Managing Director: FEGANG Armel
Department of Cooperation, Planning and Strategic Intelligence: ZOA ZIBI Jean Emmanuel
Department of Legal Affairs: NGOUE Sophie Henriette
Department of Audit, Management Control and Quality: OUSMANOU Hassana
Department of Communication Public Relations: GODONG BEND Serge Alain
Department of Information Systems and Documentation: BELINGA BELINGA Jean Marcel
Secretariat of the Managing Director: BILOUNGA Rosette
Secretariat of the Deputy Managing Director: NGOH Hélène Glaciale

Operations Departments

Harbour Master: Cdt KONTELIZO Charles René
Commercial Operations Manager: AKO’O Modeste Jocelyn
Technical Manager: NKOA ESSOMBA Cyrille
Financial and Accounting Manager: BENGONO Christophe Désiré
General Affairs Manager: ESSOH Augustin
Human Resource Manager: YEWOH FORCHU John
Developments Manager : MPILA AYISSI Alain Patrick