The Port Authority of Kribi


The PAK is a public company , reorganised by Decrees No.2016/267 and 2016/268 of 29 June 2016 on the reorganisation and approbation of Statutes. It operates under the dual auspices of the Ministry of Finance (financial component) and the Ministry of Transports (technical component). The geographical area of the Port Authority of Kribi covers the maritime area of Kribi in the Ocean Division. The Managing Director and the Deputy Managing Director were appointed at a Board meeting held on 23 August 2016 and senior executives at a Board meeting held on 29 December 2016. The company is managed by two steering bodies: the Board of Directors and the senior management.


The PAK is in charge of managing, operating and maintaining the port of Kribi and the facilities of the port that are part of the Kribi Industrial Port Complex.

In this regard and within its port area, the PAK is in charge of the following tasks:

  • General coordination of port activities
  • Security and control of operating activities of the port and its neighbouring areas
  • Equipment, extension, revamping, refurbishment, reconstruction, maintenance works and development activities of the port and its neigbouring areas
  • Management,maintenance and renewal of port infrastructure and equipment assigned
  • Coordination of industrial and commercial activities pertaining to port operations, namely stacking, stevedoring, handling, towing, mooring, consignment, storage, terminal management, steering, transit and ship bunkering
  • General coordination of all the public services and bodies helping in the provision of services or benefiting from port activities
  • Protection of the port environment
  • Management of works assigned to specialised companies, including dredging
  • Compliance control between the service provided and the rate applied
  • Supervision of the port community in the Advisory Guidance Committee established in the Port.

It equally behoves the PAK to implement the investment programme for the extension or renewal of port infrastructures, or the acquisition of new equipment, as well as to follow the conditions pertaining to the said pogramme. These missions will be carried out in collaboration between the Port Authority of Kribi, the Advisory Guidance Committee provided by Decree No.99 L29 of 15 June 1999 above, the Development Agency of the Kribi Industrial Port Complex and the National Port Authority.

As part of its missions, the Port Authority of Kribi establishes a management system of port data, fed by port operators.

Furthermore, the Port Authority of Kribi is in charge of managing public services such as roads and various networks, road marking, navigation aid devices inside the port area or for easy access and fire-fighting services, and of the following related services as deemed necessary: the public maritime domain and protection of coastline, maritime signaling services, maritime navigation services and activities that are usually related to the above-mentioned services.

The Port Authority of Kribi can transfer, concede, within its port area, the following commercial and industrial activities: stacking, stevedoring, handling, towing, consignment, storage, terminal management, steering and mooring, transit and ship bunkering.