Bangui, a key target

The new momentum translated by a set of actions on the various corridors aims to encourage CAR shippers to identify and see Kribi as the appropriate destination for them.

The institutional marketing and commercial promotion of PAK aims to structure a series of general and specific activities in the field, with target customers in order to develop brand awareness and product and service sales of PAK and its partners.

The intention is to catch the attention of potential and effective customers and have them become long-term buyers of the products and services provided by the Port Authority of Kribi and its operators.

To this end, PAK’s major strategic objectives are :

  • Conquering the natural and the potential hinterland
  • Conquering and keeping international maritime lines

This calls for:

  1. Organising general events aimed at supporting and structuring efforts to develop brand awareness and customership
  2. Organising prospecting missions in the 10 regions of Cameroon
  3. Carrying out prospecting missions abroad, namely in CAR.


Informative day to sensitise CAR institutional stakeholders on the assets and opportunities of the Port of Kribi

Bangui, August 2019

Subject: As part of the gradual development of sales operations, PAK, in a move including all the operators of the Port of Kribi (KCT and KPMO), seeks to go to Bangui, capital of CAR, in order to inform prescribers and other decision-makers based in the country, of the opportunities and assets of the Port of Kribi. These are still largely unknown to the majority of the public, especially in this country, and it has an adverse effect on achieving the commercial objectives and, ultimately, on the company’s turnover. The purpose of this aggressive marketing approach, translated by a set of actions on the various corridors, is to encourage managers of major government projects, namely, to identify and see Kribi as the destination where they can locate or relocate their import activities for goods and equipment especially in an environment of sub-regional competition and Congo’s increased efforts to attract part of the traffic of this high-potential country.

Targets: Local shippers and economic players, managers of major state projects, general public, local economic operators, over-arching projects, NGOs, diplomatic representations, etc

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