“This ship call is a glaring evidence of the performance of the Port of Kribi”

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  • “This ship call is a glaring evidence of the performance of the Port of Kribi”
  • Sir, what is the peculiarity of the MAERSK vessel that berthed last Monday in Mboro?

The call of MV Safmarine Chachai of Maersk Cameroon is an unprecedented event as it is a glaring evidence of the performance of the Port of Kribi in terms on handling rate. As a matter of fact, this huge vessel unloaded 1410 containers and loaded 1473 containers, for a total volume of 4683 TEUs meant for transhipment and an outstanding productivity rate of 43 movements per hour. Till date, it is the most important volume handled on the Container Terminal of the Port of Kribi. We have already accommodated bigger vessels, but the volume is unprecedented. With this call, we can confirm, if necessary, the quality and reliability of the infrastructures of the Kribi Deep-sea Port for handling such operations.

  • What was the vessel’s cargo?

The vessel carried various products (vehicles, agricultural machinery, building materials, electronic appliances, etc.).  There were essentially containers meant for transhipment. It is worth specifying here that Kribi is most and foremost a hub port where big vessels do transhipment, that is, unload cargo that will be dispatched to their final destination by smaller vessels.

  • In conclusion, Sir, in its latest communications, Bolloré Transitaire Logistique recommends Kribi to its customers. Is Kribi ready to accommodate a potential significant flow of vessels and cargo?

All economic operators are welcome in Kribi and we will offer them better quality service. Nevertheless, we are conscious that there is a space deficit for storage that we can tackle by proposing alternative logistics solutions. By the way, we are glad the second phase of the construction works of the Port has resumed and this will lead to an extension of the quay length and a bigger storage area. In addition, many operators have expressed interest in building warehouses in the port domain. So, we do not really have to worry. The Port of Kribi is more operational than ever and much momentum is already expected.