" Cameroon has national policy document on trade facilitation "

Kribi was selected to host the 15th meeting of the Technical Secrétariat of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (CONAFE) for a simple reason: as a body in charge of reflecting on ways to ensure the streamlinining of foreign trade procedures in exports, imports and transit activities in Cameroon, CONAFE must manage all logistic platforms (ports, airports, transit land corridors) through which goods meant foreign trade pass. With the growing importance of the Port of Kribi, it is a must to make sure that the procedures that are implemented comply with international standards in terms of trade facilitation to ensure short transaction time and low costs for all foreign trades transactions.

The national roadmap of trade facilitation in Cameroon has just been validated by the Government. It is now a strategic document that will guide foreign trade procedures in Cameroon. Henceforth, Cameroon has national policy document on trade facilitation that will help to have a specific set of measures guiding the operations of all foreign trade actors, to ensure the predictability of the costs of operations and thus to guarantee a business environment in optimal conditions of time and cost.

So, on an economic level, Cameroon will become attractive in terms of foreign trade by implementing all these measures.