""Our objective is to reach 10 billion before the end of the year""

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  • ""Our objective is to reach 10 billion before the end of the year""

« We crossed the bar of eight billion CFAF at the end of September 2020. This is a first, even though we are still below the planned projections of nine billion and a half. The Directorate General of Customs (DGD) and the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) are right in believing that the potential of the Port of Kribi is on the rise and thus assigning us increasingly ambitious objectives. Besides, we must acknowledge that over the last months we have been above expectations and projections.

We made our first billion in a month in May 2018. More than two years after, we have succeeded in making an exponential multiplication. This is very encouraging! The secret of this performance lies in three elements: availability, listening and being able to provide solutions to our economic operators. The SOUTH II Customs Sector is a team that is fully mobilized around these three objectives which led us over the months to improving on our performance. Thanks to this performance, we have become the second best performer of the objectives set by the Directorate General of Customs since last year behind the Littoral I Customs Sector.

Our objective is to reach 10 billion CFAF before the end of the year. This will enable us to reach around 20% of the performance of the Littoral Sector. I would like to underscore here that this is an outstanding performance since our port has been operating for two years only. If we succeed to reach 20% of the performance of a diversified port such 9 as Douala, this must be highlighted. So, that is our next objective. We will keep on listening to Port users and providing them with a large array of services for a competitive environment to make their operations profitable. I must say that our performance equally hinge upon the navigation conditions of the Port of Kribi which are extremely favourable thanks to a strong draughts and top-notch and very effective equipment.»