We are expecting more satisfactory results

 «The figures we are recording today result from a synergy of actions undertaken by all the stakeholders of the Port of Kribi, namely PAK and KCT, with the opening of gates 24/7 and the fast delivery of gate pass, the development of new services by maritime lines as we can see it with VMA CGM with the ASAF/WAX line which is a direct line between Asia and Kribi.

We should not also forget the good service of the Customs administration in Kribi. All these actions contribute in achieving customer confidence and loyalty. Looking at the upward trend of the last three months, we are expecting more satisfactory results in the end of the year. We have good relations with all the stakeholders of the Port of Kribi. KMT has naturally become part of this momentum.

Though we are not in the same activity segment, the arrival of the new operator of the multipurpose terminal can only bode well and will contribute to developing the Port of Kribi. In addition, it is worth noting that the occupancy rate of our terminal has not yet reached its peak. It is true that a few days ago we used the multipurpose terminal to stare our empty containers, but that was only for that time. Our current policy is to encourage customers to remove their containers as fast as possible so as to reduce the dwell time for a better flow in the yard.»