BUSINESS AND COOPERATION: Nigerian Investors in Kribi

On 8 August 2022, a group of Nigerian investors came to Kribi to have a working session with the managers of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) in order to extend a cross-border partnership with Cameroon and establish several companies in the port logistic zone.

Setting up logistic activities, industrial projects, industrial input projects, wholesale businesses, that is the rationale behind the visit of AFTEL, a group of Nigerian entrepreneurs and facilitators led by AGHA Albert NGWANA, CEO of AFTEL Group. During the meeting with the General Manager and several managers of the Port Authority of Kribi, they stated their commitment to support the Port of Kribi in its development and increase its attractiveness. Furthermore, they expressed their desire to develop a cross-border partnership between Cameroon and Nigeria, the first economic powerhouse in Africa, as Kribi is already doing 80% of its business with Nigeria.

During the meeting held in the head office of the Port Authority, Michael MAMA, PAK Operations Manager, made a presentation on the activities, business opportunities and
ongoing and future projects in the Port of Kribi. The presentation definitely caught the attention and interest of these investors clearly in need of more information on the
Kribi port environment. The working session ended with a guided tour of the Port of Kribi where the delegation had a concrete view of the scale of the project implemented in Kribi.

It is worth specifying that AFTEL is a group of Nigerian businessmen, entrepreneurs and facilitators wishing to implement several projects in Kribi and in Cameroon. This visit is not the first in Kribi. Actually, the Group came within the framework of a banana plantain development project in the locality and recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development in order to boost the production of banana plantain in Cameroon in collaboration with Nigerian producers.

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