The Cameroonian government ensures compliance with regulations.

The working session that took place last Thursday in Kribi between government members and the companies of the Kribi port platform allowed a comprehensive discussion of issues related to employment, vocational training, and the working conditions of employees.

Raising awareness among the companies in the Kribi port area about the legal and institutional mechanisms governing employment, vocational training, and working conditions in Cameroon and harmonizing their understanding, this was the motive behind the working visit to the Port of Kribi by the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training (MINEFOP) ISSA TCHIROMA BAKARY and his counterpart Gregoire OWONA, Minister of Labor and Social Security (MINTSS).

Given the observed social dysfunctions, particularly the employment of a large foreign workforce within companies operating on the Kribi port platform, this working session, which was held in the presence of the local port authority's Director-General and administrative authorities, allowed government members to advocate to private companies providing jobs to solicit their adherence to the government's strategy to combat unemployment and develop a competitive human capital for the needs of the national economy in accordance with current regulations. Thus, all fundamental issues related to employment, vocational training, notably the transfer of technologies by foreign workers to locals, and working conditions, were discussed.

Based on the observations and grievances brought forth by the staff of the various companies present at this working session, several resolutions were agreed upon by the different stakeholders with the aim of mitigating the social climate that exists between employers and employees within the Kribi port area. Through this action, the government initially intends to reiterate its commitment to ensure the protection of local workers and to ensure that they actually benefit from a transfer of technologies that will enable them to meet the industrialization challenges that Cameroon must face. But it also aims to ensure the profitability of foreign investments that allow for the creation of wealth and added value to the national economy. The MINTSS underlined this by stating, "You are at the heart of a project vital for the development of our country and we strongly wish for a peaceful social climate." A guided tour of the port of Kribi was previously organized, and the members of the ministerial delegation were able to see the progress of the projects implemented on the Kribi port platform.

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