International Labour Day: Unison Celebration at PAK

On 1st May 2024 at the crowded Kribi Celebration Square, the staff of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) expressed their joy for the colouful celebration of the 138th edition.

The hot weather of the morning of 1st May did not deter PAK staff organised in groups in the crowded celebration square. Grouped as prescribed by the parade organisation protocol in the 11th sector comprising the Ministry of Transport and companies of the transport sector, the staff  of PAK showed the rigour and discipline observed in the port.

Rhythmic and sometimes swayed, the staff’s well organised gait earned them a round of applause from the VIP section where was seated the General Manager of the Port Authority of Kribi who attended the celebration presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer of the Ocean Division, Nouhou BELLO.

After the parade came a reception with gastronomic meals for the staff to share PAK values in another way. Once again, the rainy weather did not deter the staff and the General Manager who expressed his joy to welcome the Senior Divisional Officer and his entourage.

The Reception was marked by two speeches. The first was made by Sabine NHO HAND, Staff Representative and equally Head of the Service of Land Management Activities. She delved on the theme of the celebration and the climate within the company with justifying figures and data.

Taking the floor after her, Patrice MELOM, the PAK General Manager, expressed his satisfaction to note from the outset and through Mrs NGO HAND’s speech, that what has been done at PAK so far goes beyond what remains to be done. He instructed managers right away to use the data provided by Mrs NGO HAND for a rational implementation to meet the staff’s needs. He commended the staff dedication and laid an emphasis on the fact that PAK staff have rights as well as duties. He underscored that the Kribi Customs Sector has recorded more than 21 billion in March 2024. This revenue mainly stems from he operations of the Port of Kribi and therefore makes the port a successful company and ‘‘the quality of PAK human resources equally has a role in this achievement’’.

The reception continued in a festive and happy atmosphere marked by the dance steps of the staff. The General Manager went round the tables to greet the staff and portrayed once again his wonderful listening skills towards his employees.

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