Kribi and the Port of Kribi Work Hand in Glove

To ensure harmonious port-city relationship, PAK and the Kribi City Council have decided to work together in many areas.

La ville de Kribi et son Port se donnent la main

Last 30 July morning, a sober, yet powerful ceremony brought together the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) and the Kribi City Council (CUK) in the conference room of the PAK’s head office. The managers of both organisations were there to sign a framework agreement binding their respective institutions and to pave the way for a new era of cooperation. Therefore, to ensure a harmonious port-city relationship, PAK and the Kribi City Council have decided to work together in various areas:

Mobility and accessibility

  • Ensure a harmonious share of road infrastructure between the town and the Port of Kribi
  • Prevent and solve traffic issues related to port activities so as to put the development of the Port of Kribi in line with urban development
  • Organize the circulation of empty heavy trucks in order to reduce accidents risks
  • Align urban circulation plans with port roads in order to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the urban transport in order to make circulation easier within the area of influence of PAK
  • Draw up a new plan of the town’s road network to the Port in order to improve the Port competitiveness and reduce the impact resulting from port activities so as to make access to urban areas easier (bypass roads, bridges, tunnels…)
  • Organize and manage the parking of heavy trucks and other vehicles and provide stopping and parking points for trucks and other vehicles
  • Inform and sensitise road users (road signs, sensitization campaigns…)

Protection of the environment and preservation of natural resources

  • Ensure respect for the marine and coastal environment
  • Protect natural resources on the coastline
  • Reduce disturbances and pollution due to port activities in Kribi and its surroundings
  • Combine resources to ensure the safety and security of property and populations
  • Combine the means to ensure the security of street property (road signs…)
  • Cooperate in implementing plans for the storage and transport of waste related to port activities
  • Cooperate in developing a waste treatment policy (landfilling, incineration, recycling…).


Sustainable urban development

  • To jointly develop logistics areas within the town of Kribi and in the Port's areas of influence
  • Ensure consistency between the PAK's Sustainable Development Master Plan and the Urban Master Plan of the Town of Kribi
  • Cooperate in the delimitation of port and urban areas
  • Ensure concerted control and monitoring of land in order to reduce anarchic and illegal occupation of the port domain
  • Cooperate in the management and development of transition areas between the Port and urban areas through the development of buffer zones consistent with activities that accommodate facilities such as: offices, housing, SMEs, small logistics, truck parking, bus stations, activities related to the urban and port economy, creation of green space
  • Facilitate the procedures for obtaining building permits and other administrative documents on its territory for companies located in the industrial and logistic zone adjacent to the Port
  • Ensure mutual compliance with urban planning standards in the industrial and logistical areas adjacent to the Port
  • Mutually develop joint urban projects to improve the living environment of the populations of the town of Kribi and its surroundings
  • Ensure the sharing of experiences and information between the two organizations.


Building the town together

  • Set up an exchange platform between the Port and the various stakeholders in the town and its surroundings in order to facilitate dialogue and create an information structure for both the town and the Port
  • Promote citizen ownership through proactive communication strategies
  • Design and ensure joint management of urban projects on the city-port interface
  • Collaborate mutually to seek training courses on capacity building in the field of territorial co-construction and the city-port relationship


Attractiveness of the Port-city

  • Attract potential investors and partners in order to make Kribi a hub of Cameroon's economic development
  • Ensure a concerted development of a port and cultural cluster in order to develop the attractive potential of the town of Kribi and its area of influence

Make pleasure boating an economic and touristic challenge for the town and the port. The aim is to work together to develop a tourism sector for water sports activities whose economic and cultural impact generates added value for the town and the Port.

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