OPERATION OF THE PORT OF KRIBI: Focus on five years of excellence

Celebrating its first five years of operations, the Port of Kribi has overcome various economic, security and sanitary challenges to achieve continued growth in its operations, as presented at a recent meeting with port community stakeholders.

The first five years of activity at the Port of Kribi have been marked by several economic, security, and health challenges, but above all by the continuous growth of its operational results. This is the outcome of the latest extended operational meeting of the Kribi Port Community stakeholders held on Thursday, March 16, 2023. Chaired by Patrice MELOM, General Manager of the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK), these sessions coincided with the celebration in March of the commissioning of the Port of Kribi.

Through a roundtable, the opportunity was given to all actors who make up this large community to present the balance sheet of the past five years in their respective areas of expertise. It emerges from all the presentations that between March 2018 and March 2023, the operation of the Port of Kribi experienced development in all aspects. The PAK Letter wanted to review some of the facts and figures that marked this period.

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