PAK advocates good practices in goods handling
An awareness workshop for freight forwarders and forwarding agents held on Thursday 10 October in Kribi.
PAK advocates good practices in goods handling


The meeting was attended by 127 participants, which is a glaring sign of the significant need for information. Freight forwarders and forwarding agents turned out massively to the invitation of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK), aiming to explain the good practices in handling goods in the port.

Presiding over the official opening ceremony of this awareness-raising workshop, Patrice MELOM, General Manager of PAK, stated the specific objectives of this work:

  • Present and popularize the conditions for access to work as a freight forwarder and forwarding agent at the Port of Kribi;
  • Popularise the management of access related to delivery and collection operations;
  • Present the documentary control procedure;
  • Facilitate the management of invoicing and payment of freight charges.

The workshop was moderated by SAADOU MOHAMADOU, Technical Adviser 2. The various presentations focussed in turn on the general reframing of the work presented by Michael MAMA, Operations Manager. Six presentations followed, dealing inter alia with the procedures for handling goods in the CAMCIS system, the conditions for access to operate as a freight forwarder/forwarding agent, the invoicing process, etc.

During the presentations, the following recommendations were made:

  • Speed up the interconnection of operating systems;
  • Improve the dematerialization of procedures;
  • Monitor logistics costs and improve competitiveness;
  • Develop more shipping lines.

In order to create a sound emulation between logistics service providers and encourage good practices in the port of Kribi, Awards were given to the best service providers.



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