The PAK Makes Its Presence Felt at the African Private Sector Meeting
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  • The PAK Makes Its Presence Felt at the African Private Sector Meeting

Patrice MELOM, General Director of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK), along with several of his colleagues, were part of a significant delegation of Cameroonian businesses and administrations, led by the Prime Minister and Head of Government. They participated in the 2023 edition of the Africa CEO Forum (ACF), which took place in Abidjan on June 5th and 6th.

PAK Attends the African Private Sector Meeting. Under the theme "Succeeding Despite Crises - From 300 to 3000: How to Accelerate the Emergence of the Next Generation of African Champions", the 6th edition of the Africa CEO Forum, chaired by Alassane OUATTARA, President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, accompanied by several other African Heads of State and Government, lived up to all its promises, given the number of companies, investors, and policymakers who actively participated in this event.

Due to its ambitious development plan, in particular, the establishment of an integrated industrial zone at the Port of Kribi (ZIIP), and the crucial need for a young company to increase its notoriety and visibility, the PAK played an active role in this major international meeting of the African private sector. At this important meeting, where more than 1800 participants gathered around a common objective: African entrepreneurial transformation, the PAK team, worked intensively under the direction of Patrice MELOM, to promote its brand image. The PAK was represented by a delegation of Cameroonian businesses and administrations led by Joseph DION NGUTE, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon, assisted by several other members of the Government, including the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT), ALAMINE OUSMANE MEY.

The ZIIP project was strongly supported by the Head of Government in his opening speech, promoting the development of this initiative as a priority "PPP" project for the Cameroonian authorities. In addition, throughout this event, the PAK took part in a series of meetings with economic operators, thus offering the opportunity to present the assets and countless investment opportunities offered by the Port of Kribi. Some officials also had the opportunity to participate in panels, most of them on important topics, with the participation of leading figures from the world of business and finance. Let us recall that the Africa CEO Forum is the largest meeting platform for the African sector, created in 2012.

It has gone from being a purely annual event to a permanent platform, allowing African business leaders to continuously connect with each other and with policymakers, investors, and international institutions operating on the continent. In the end, the 2023 edition of the ACF was fruitful in terms of fallout, not only for the PAK but especially for the Cameroonian economy as a whole. Indeed, several investors clearly expressed their intention to invest in Cameroon, attracted by the assets and opportunities that were presented to them. At the top of the list, the Diana Holding group, the 7th Moroccan group in the agro-industry sector, plans to position itself. Employing more than 7,100 people across 14 subsidiaries, the company excels in various sectors such as viticulture, agriculture, poultry farming, olive growing, trading and distribution, bottling, and hospitality. This is an interesting opportunity for the PAK, which can make use of its network and lobby public authorities so that this potential investor, and many others, come to implement their projects in the ZIIP of the Port of Kribi.

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