Social responsibility, The PAK is equipping and raising awareness in her environment
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To combat COVID-19, the Port Authority of Kribi has just supplied medical kits to the local health facilities. At the same time, awareness campaigns for residents on complying with the barrier measures have been organised.

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The fight against Coronavirus is a major worry for the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK). In addition to the barrier and social distancing measures implemented within the company by the Top Management, the PAK is also showing concern for the welfare of the entire urban and rural community. General Manager Patrice MELOM has indicated that " city - port harmony is a permanent concern, a social responsibility which must be made a concrete reality at all times, even more so in times of crisis". Thus,  in response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the PAK is providing support to the local health establishments. On Tuesday, 14 April 2020, four of them, namely: the District Hospital of Kribi, the Hospital of Ebomé, the Hospital of Ngovayang and the District Medical Centre (CMA) in Afan Mabé received each, donations in drugs and kits (masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gels, etc.) to combat the Coronavirus. In view of the social distancing that this disease imposes, the officials in charge of these health facilities came one by one to the Head Office of the PAK, in the annex building at the Cité du Port, to take possession of the donations, while expressing their gratitude to the PAK for this important support.

In the meantime, a local awareness campaign launched by the PAK is underway in the chiefdoms of the districts of Kribi 1 and Kribi 2 to educate the population about the genesis of the pandemic, the symptoms of the disease, the different modes of contamination and the preventive measures against COVID-19. In the field of this awareness campaign, there is a team led by Dr Jean Jacques BINZOULI MBVOUM, Head of the PAK's Socio-medical Directorate, and Vice-Chairman of the COVID-19 Control Unit set up within the company. He is in the field with colleagues from the Department of Environment, Sustainable Development and Relations with Riparian Communities. Of the 28 chiefdoms in the Kribi 1 and Kribi 2 local areas, 12 have already benefited from an awareness training session on the subject. The calendar of visits is ongoing, as is the tough fight against the disease.

Afan-Mabé hospital receives its package


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